/Top Ten Thoughts for Product Development

Top Ten Thoughts for Product Development

There is nothing that a framework can offer that can’t be gained with Java and a compiler, unless you count speed to market and development time.

The magic triangle is made of Scalability, Performance & Security. Oh and Reliability, Cost, Availability, Supportability, etc. OK not so much a magic triangle as a faustian circle….

Quality is never job 1, figuring out how to deliver quality while maintaining speed to market will save your support margins though.

Building a cloud product means never having to say sorry, because by then your customer has moved on.

There is nothing more expensive than a cheap plumber….

Its about all the data, big small and in-between.

Once you’ve decided where to combine business logic and data figure out who owns the underlying technology you’re depending on; it’s always good to know your new overlords.

Like Crack the first taste of The Cloud is often free…  Unlike Crack there is not a good treatment option to get off The Cloud…

When you build an API make sure your own product team actually uses it.

It is always important to catch the waves of new technology that drive business, it is also important not to be left high and dry when those waves recede…